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[Image: jM9bkfVRlLhIW6prsvZMo73jxt6s_BR-LzNl7okl...Zw3qMaKq7M]

- support in english and portuguese
- to request scripts please contact through website or Discord (insvne#5717)

[Image: J9LWDbFDrErupVpsGTJUtvp3guOssPPbMpmvw7Bc...M60Wt_yvWz]

Level:Script Name:Version:Price:
[30 + ]Darashia | Arito's Task (Nomads)1.250 TC
[35 + ]Yalahar | Mutated Human + Rats Upper1.475 TC
[50 + ]Port Hope | Apees -1 (cults)1.250 TC

[Image: SyfRsOO3UtlMyqGqDCkZzo2eWr3FQsucOWh_8o22...A7ARd1IbI-]

Level:Script Name:Version:Price:
[35+]Yalahar | Mutated Human + Rats Upper1.475TC
[40+]Liberty Bay | Bonelord1.075TC
[130+]Yalahar | Grimreaper1.0100TC
[150+]Kazordoon | Drillworm1.2100TC
[180+]Zao | Souleaters1.5250TC

[Image: 6MBdioq4TH43ZB1muwCgng6p6X3kGr_BNLyjFAtu...uvRA-EsxTd]

Level:Script Name:Version:Price:
[35+][Both Vocations] Yalahar | Mutated Human + Rats Upper (with GFB)1.075TC
[60+][Both Vocations] Yalahar | Necromancer1.2100TC
[60+][Both Vocations] Port Hope | Water Elemental1.2125TC
[80+][Mainly ED] Fenrock | Dragon Lord (with SD)1.0150TC
[100+][Mainly ED] Edron | Earth Sphere1.6150TC
[100+][Mainly ED] Zao | Muggy Plains1.0150TC
[150+][Mainly ED] Port Hope | Quara Pincer + Water Elemental1.0150TC
[180+][Both Vocations] Oramond | East Minos1.0150TC
[400+][Both Vocations] Oramond | West1.6250TC
[500+][Both Vocations] Warzone 5 Only Inside1.0150TC

(of equal or lesser value)

Buy 720h Key in our Store and receive*:
[8+] ML Trainer
*limited time offer till 06/08/2020. After confirming your key purchase, just ask for the script in question.

[Image: Q3hhsr65tqkHNnzN4WHfwQidd7VAHp8-nnfAit6m...MKTEyslxbe]
1. How do I purchase a script?
2. How do I receive updates?
3. My script doesn't work at all. What could be the reason?
5. What is [ALL] script?
6. Why should I buy from you?
7. Why shouldn't I buy from re-sellers?

[Image: m-KHqCFAM6I_caQ7chupkUPn2md-x-hqldL-l9YM...axhNYuD9jO]

1. How do I purchase a script?

For real cash:

Contact me via Discord (insvne#5717) or through our website

[Image: pbVwa_ZPW6VLtdV1g0SOh84TNsFYuzr2Cek_AaS_...yNU3nT4oHR]

For btc:

Contact me via Discord (insvne#5717) or through our website

[Image: LfyJ9F4T0ibB_t7tN8l5yHQe2rOZUtJzEc8PHbdg...X1Ag7ZOPWT]

For tibia cash:

Contact me via Discord (insvne#5717) or through our website

[Image: GxT4nRF_zTEpl1Npzui3DM3FPBEhIm8OGoPqZwFE...NfxqB222c5]

2. How do I receive updates?

When you purchase a script the download link is sent to your e-mail. Do not lose that link. Once we update a script, all you have to do is click on that same link and you will now download the newest version of the script.

3. My script doesn't work at all. What could be the reason?

Just post on this thread with details.

  • Make sure you have all the .json configured to your setup.
  • You need to watch it the first time around to adjust mana potions (etc) per rotation.
  • Start the script on depot.
  • Read the requirements of each script carefully

4. What is [ALL] script?

It is script all-in-one, that means any vocation can use this script.

5. Why should I buy from you?

Because you will simply not regret it! Aside from the fact that our team work very hard on all scripts and test it for days before I release to make sure they have no bugs, you will also have free updates, live support almost all day throught website and discord (insvne#5717).

7. Why shouldn't I buy from re-sellers?

When you buy from a reseller, you might get a cheaper price on your script but it will end up costing you more at the end of the day. Why?

  1. You won't get free updates.
  2. You won't get support from our team.
  3. You probably won't get support from the reseller either since most of them have no clue about scripting, hence why they don't make their own.
  4. You most likely won't get the latest version of the script.
  5. It's very likely you will get a fake script with only the label names changed pretending to be our store.

Our Staff:
  • insvne
  • digotsu


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