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Title: Lure Mode inscrease
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Hi kaden !
Is it possible to add a value into lure mode to check when you use [5] the HP percentage of the last monter left.
I explain :
I killed my pack of monsters, and there is one left :
If the monster have more than 50% hp then leave it and go to next pack and if the monster is below 50% then keep killing it until he die.
how would you do the setup for it?
something like add a function to check the min_hp_left of solo monster.*

{"action":"lure_monsters", "interval":0.5, "args":{[4,2], min_hp_left: 50}},

Something like that haha
I don't think that will work.
If I add a min_hp and min_count to target_monsters, do you think it will work?

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