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Title: (TUTORIAL) How to save the backpack and windows settings properly
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[b]How to save the backpack and windows settings properly in the virtual machine[/b]
in this tutorial we are going to explain how to save the configuration appropriately (bp_loot and bp_gold backpacks and the positions of the battle list, etc…).

1) Run the virtual machine with the waypoint and the script you want to use.
(for this example i'm going to use a stone refiner script)

[Image: IJ6APCT.png]

2) Once our virtual machine is online, we log in to your tibia account and then select the character you are going to use to bot.

[Image: 01FtXW4.png]

3) now we are going to open the bp loot and the bp gold, we are going to move the battle list, the rest is totally customizable to your liking, but here I am going to show how the basics should look

*if you are a premium account this is the moment where you configure the items that the bot will collect and the price if you want to use hunt analyzers

[Image: lGANrYp.png]

4) when you already have the backpacks, the battle list and the windows configured; Now we press the "Leave the game" button or use the shortcut keys Ctrl + L

[Image: EKFLq75.png]

5) Now you press the cancel button to exit your account

[Image: fU9zUJY.jpg]

6) and go back to log in with your account and select the character.

[Image: XXRMsnR.jpg]

7) make sure that everything is configured correctly, if you miss something, repeat everything from step 2

[Image: E9tZoUX.jpg]

8) Now press the QUIT button that is on the upper left.

[Image: K3mgKdu.png]

With this the virtual machine will close and save everything we configured before.  Now just start the virtual machine again and start botting.
Enjoy  Big Grin
congrats @Cohna,
this will help many people Big Grin

Thanks, great tutorial

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