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Title: :: MVSCRIPTS :: The most ADVANCED 100% AFK scripts - PREMIUM QUALITY
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[Image: 2aQCu4i2FBJJlLyjvFsjMSzz0YNCPazV2aLjiPwf.png]
[Image: 647e812a20653d356857f6ae027844d9.png]
50TC / 8 PLN / 2$

  If you want to pay via PayPal, Tibia Coins transfer in-game or PLN (BLIK, Bank Transfer) click button below - script will be delivered immediately after purchase.

(If this button doesn't work for you, use direct link: https://mv-scripts.com/scripts/rp-svargr...lood-crabs)

[Image: 0c9ba0f20f02caabbdfe79fa8531096c.png]
⚔️ Script details
  • Name: RP - Svargrond Deepsea Blood Crabs
  • Vocation: Royal Paladin
  • Recommended Level: 80+
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Charm points: 50
  • Experience per Hour: 110k -150/h (100% XP RATE)
  • Profit: from -20k to 0k/h

Note that, depending on the bloody pincers price on your world; you should average of 30k to 150k profit per hour.

Required quests for access:
  • The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest (completed)
⚒️ Required accessories:
  • Helmet of the Deep
  • Quiver for ammunition (Blue Quiver by default)
➕ Additional Settings:
  • sell jewellery after hunt (true/false in setup)
  • hide everything in battle list except monsters

Deepsea Blood Crab Young Sea Serpent
To every script, 2 files are attached: skipped_loot.txt and accepted_loot.txt which contains list of items from this spawn, depending on looting option you prefer to use.

[Image: a3b5fba556d9897db54f590fd567f3ae.png]
[Image: rp-svargrond-deepsea-blood-crabs.png]
Spawn Location description: Svargrond > Sea Serpents North
Start Script Location: Svargrond depot or Svargrond Offline Trainers
[Image: f4246334f244ccf210b6c086050f6631.png]
  • Auto loot type
  • Leave spawn at certain hour
  • Offline Training
  • Start Script from Offline Trainers
  • Withdraw brown mushrooms from stash
  • Withdraw great spirit potions from stash
  • Withdraw drill bolts from stash
  • Eat food
  • Haste
  • Anti Paralyze
  • Drop Vials
  • Recovery full mana
  • Auto refill arrows in quiver
  • Auto Imbuings (optional)
  • Retro PVP Safe (optional)
  • Sell Jewellery after hunt (optional)

[Image: 53bfdb4455af46259a4469c701a993ad.png]
  • Great Mana potion
  • Great Spirit Potion
  • Utani Hur
  • Exura
  • Exura Gran
  • Exura San
  • Exura Gran San
  • Exevo Mas San
  • Utura Gran
  • Exori Con
  • Exani Hur Up
  • Exani Hur Down

[Image: db1d7e98d391be28ab08a5f2ee9ae712.png]
[Image: 1f536050541545b94eea7085888ca76c.png]
[Image: 9f7a13373848628ac56583cdf6966bc9.png]

Please note that, Balance in Hunt Analyser in Youtube Videos DOES NOT INCLUDE creature products price that are based on market or ARE NOT sellable to NPC! They are set to 1gp or NPC price to show REAL PROFIT or WASTE on spawn you would make incase you can't sell these items on market!
We do not want to misinform you because their price vary from 100g to even 15k for each item.


  1.0.0 [2021-10-07]
  - released script
Buy CloudBot licenses at https://mv-scripts.com/cloudbot - now automated HotPay, PayPal and Tibia Coins in-game payments!

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