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Title: Zetta's Project LT - Sponsored by: Harviscripts
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Welcome to Zetta's Project,

in this Life Thread we will be focused on the way from almost zero to hero.


169 MS/ 209 ED - 227 RP - 126 EK

[Image: equipo.png]

PS: If you are curious about any script of the store just ask and I'll run one of my chars on it.

|100+|Water Elementals+Quara Port Hope >>>>PG<<<<

[Image: Captura.png]
2 mana leech, 3 hours of stamina

I started yesterday leveling my EK using my favourite pging script for low level.

|110+|North Sea Serpnts >>>>LOW LVL PG<<<<

Started yesterday at 126 to 141 atm.

[Image: Captura.png]

Using 1 mana leech imbude.

Extra EK 

[Image: Captura.png]

[Image: 200.gif]

No imbus, normal stamina.

Buy it in the link below!
|70+|Cults Liberty Bay behind piano (-2)>>>CASH<<<
Are you looking for the best sabretooth's farmer for your imbuings? Just looking for a good money maker script where you can leave bot all the day without being disturbed?

I have what you are looking for! And it comes with new updates to improve hunting, xp and less waste.

Yesterday 2x t2 mana                                                      This one below is with our new update + no imbudes!
[Image: mutateds.png][Image: newmutated.png]

If you have bought it already, just ask @Harvi for your updated version! Otherwise, if you didn't buy it, what are you looking for?!!

Get it in the link below and start making money!

If you get this script and another one of your choose, you'll get a huge discount on it!

|120|+Mutated Tigers FirePortal>>>>CASH<<<<
Whats ur progress on the RP and what script u use

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