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Title: [FAQ] Deposit not working
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Some of you have problems with deposit not working. Follow this tutorial and it should work.

1- Your loot_bp should be open.
2- Your loot_bp must be spelled correctly in setup.json.

"loot_bp":"Blue Backpack" = OK
"loot_bp":"Blue backpack" = Wrong
"loot_bp":"blue backpack" = Wrong
"loot_bp":"Blue Backpak" = Wrong

3- Empty tabs are not recognized. Make sure you have something in each of the tabs.

Wrong (emtpy right tab): Right tab is empty and will be ignored by bot. If depot window appears there, it will not be recognized.
[Image: Screenshot-from-2020-06-01-00-10-43.png]
[Image: Screenshot-from-2020-06-01-00-11-10.png]

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