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Title: CloudBot Updates
Thread Modes
Version 2020.03.22
- Save configs (BETA)
- Auto login (BETA)
- Dynamic VM Limit:
a) 4 VMS if usage < 50%
b) 3 VMs if usage < 75%
c) 2 VMs if usage < 90%
d) 1 VM if usage > 90%
- 30+ new VMs added

- Fixed bug crashing when lost target
- Added retro_safe option to avoid area spells if player on screen (check tutorial)

- Fixed buy blessing path to enhanced bless in svargrond

- Skeleton Warrior and Skeleton Elite Warrior

- Yalahar demons fix
[Image: 2EbUhaB.png]
~~~~~~[Moderator of Cloudbot]~~~~~~
~~~~~~[VoidScripts Scripter]~~~~~~
Version 2020.04.30

- Added optional fast_target to attack using hotkey (check ice witch/cormaya)
- Changed loot after to reach bodies closer than 20 sqm
- Added try to kill all monsters if trapped (experimental)
- Added retry to open depot

- Fixed anti_drunk
- Fixed wait_mana_percentage_below
- Added allow_in to dynamic barriers

- Added Cobra Assassin, Cobra Vizier, Cobra Scout
- Added Elder Forest Fury
- Added Energy Elemental

- Added Cormaya Werecave Mage/RP
- Added Ice Witch Svargrond Mage
- Added setup_mage.json for sell_npc script
- Added train skill rotworm
- Added train skill slime
- Fixed barriers Demon Hero Cave
- Fixes Oramond Demon Sewers
- Fixed Dark Cathedral facc
Version 2020.05.10

- Added walk (x,y,z) to step on sqm or 1-near sqm (check new lure script oramond sewers lure)
- Added optional "group":"support" to target spells to avoid cooldown with attack spells (check oramond_sewers lure exeta res/utito tempo)
- Added experimental "keep_dist":"closest" to keep distance to closest monsters instead of current target (check vampire crypt edron)
- Use target spells while looting
- Fixed area spells not casting
- Fixed 'stand' and 'door' delays
- Fixed target delay issues
- Fixed healing issues
- Fixed several other performance issues

- Added fractional hour_leave
- Added optional monster_count_below to refill_full_mana and wait_mana_below_percentage
- Fixed swap_equip optional hp_perc
- Fixed wait_lure wait times
- Fixed check_imbuements possible crash

- Added oramond sewers with advanced lure for ek (check this script if you want to make advanced scripts)
- Added krailos nightmare with advanced lure for ek (check this script if you want to make advanced scripts)
- Will be converting scripts to advanced lure mode
- Fixed vampire crypt setup for mages
- Fixed missing Ape City Quest

- Fixed thais wasp
- Fixed krailos nightmare
Version 2020.05.14

- Fixed "keep_dist":"closest" to keep distance to closest monsters instead of current target (check vampire crypt edron)
- Fixed dynamic barriers with allow_in true
- Fixed map being lost after changing floor

- Fixed fractional hour_leave

- Added Enslaved Dwarf, Lost Berserker, Lost Basher, Lost Husher, Lost Thrower
- Added Shadow Pupil
- Added Vulcongra
- Added Wiggler

- Readded Nightmare Krailos Advanced Lure
- Added Edron Cults Advanced Lure EK (~1.2kk/h with green stamina)
- Added Wyrms Drefia Advanced Lure EK (~1.9kk/h with green stamina)
Version 2020.05.18

- Improvement in healing when trapped
- Possible fix to chat turning on after refill

- Added blacklist_coords to avoid coord at any cost (not tested)
- Added stop_target_player_on_screen to stop any target if player on screen for retro pvp or anti ks (not tested)
Version 2020.05.24

- Reduced misclicks during looting
- Improved accuracy in distance auto loot
- Added option to use area spells in 'target' instead of 'crosshair'

- Added target_walls to enable more advanced luring for mage/rp (check werecave edron ms)

- Added Vampire Crypt Edron for EK with advanced lure.
- Added Putrid Mummy EK with advanced lure.
- Changed Glooth Bandit West to use Advanced lure.
- Changed Werecave edron mage to use new walls to lure.
- Update Forest Fury EK to avoid stairs depot.
- Small fix Oramond Sewers Advanced lure.
- Fixed Outside Orc Fortress to use SMP.
- Some user scripts updated.

- Added Tarnished Spirit
- Added Deepling Scout, Deepling worker

- Fixed Yalahar Foreign Quarter upper floors
- Fixed Liberty bay quaras

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