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Title: Battleye fighting with VNC!
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Hello! Since 25.06 I have problem when I connect to tibia on my main char and then try to run bot chars on vnc - after 1-3 mins I get error " your client could not be verified by battleEye, to prevent this I tried:
- reinst tibia/instal on other partition
- turning off my firewall/anti v
-changing internet connection to my phone lte
- uninstal and instal drivers
- trying to turn tibia and vnc on admin privilages with windows 7 support
- trying to turn vnc tibia first then main tibia client
- finaly format my pc.
And still kicking me from the game.., its not a net problem or pc (I tried turning vnc with tibia on my tablet device with windows 10 - same issue so it must be battleye protecting from vnc, I was using cloudbot with vnc about a month.

any suggestions on how to solve this?  Undecided

It advisable to not use VNC and Tibia Client at same time, in case you really need to do so host the VNC on a Virtual Machine instead.
I have the same problem, but when i restard pc and don't launch vnc main client works perfectly.
it's preferable to run your bot chars on vnc then close the vnc client and run your tibia client safely without problems. Smile

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