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Title: Can't use more then 1 vnm at The same Time
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Hello I do have a problem with using 2 vnms at the same time Huh ,  I mean by this when Im using 2 bots at once on other accounts the first vnm what I started it simply closes Undecided so I cant bot with  other chars at one time. 
Any thoughts on how solve the problem Idea ?.
Same problem Here Sad
Something strange lately happened to some VPN Providers and they can't handle more than 1 connection using same ovpn settings. It is not related in any way with Tibia/BattlEye fighting against cheaters.

I think for now to start another VM, you have to generate/upload different VPN settings.
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Ach thats sad because I have more stamina then I thought there will be , so whether or no we need to wait when they solve the problem Confused
already the second day problem with connection, what's with this bot ??
(08-03-2020, 03:19 PM)Octagon66 Wrote: already the second day problem with connection, what's with this bot ??
Testing phase...
i had the same problem and i fixed it
i found out that my problem was some of my scripts were in UE AND Other on NA WHile my provider was on NA
when i run 2 different vms they had lags and logout but now i fixed i made all NA and my provider in NA too and now working 3 vms fine ..
bot is working on rl tibia ?

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