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Title: Free scripts repairment
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Can some1 fix mutated humans , as he refills there is a chance that he goes up in the bank when he is depositing money,  after that the script just stays 100sec and simply closes , can any1 just add there a waypoint or smth that he can escape from +1 floor without shuting down after 1h exp , It happens really often , also there is an missing waypoint on the resp , when he starts the lap second building down with doors , he just goes upstairs with do reason and stays there after 100shuting down.
There is more scripts that need to be fix 
Wasp ab ( he´s not depositing honeycombs ) 
Elven yalahar ( ppl just pushing the character in to the right house with the table and closing it , the bot can´t open the table so he´ stays there and die or closes.
Amazon camp for pally ( fix the spears , in battle or without any monsters on screen he puts the spears in to the hand and remove it after 2 sec )
Ape city -1( often loses waypoints and stays whenever he wants on stacks ) 
Necro yala, dark magician, bonelords if its 60+ why some+ added there ghp.. Huh yy
Svar frost trolls for pally also the same problem like amazon camp ( maybe there is a simply solution just write it down thx) 
Thats all I know for now , wish u all the best.
Greetings Hugo. Cool
see if you have points on the mini map, if you have , delete them
it should work

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