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Title: [Tutorial/English] Setting hour to go train offline
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All free scripts for Premmium Accounts have option to go offline training in a given hour. Free account scripts in general have a similar feature, but to logout.
To configure the hour to leave, go to your setup.json and find "hours_leave":

By default most setup.json have it set to [9]. This means that the char will go leave at 9am (Germany time). All tibia worlds have server save at 10 am, so the bot is pre-configured to leave 1h before that.

If you want to leave in a different time, you can add another value to the list. For example, if now is 13:31 in germany time, and I want to go offline training after ~5h, I can add:

"hours_leave":[9, 18]
You can now put fractions of hour, such as [9.5] to leave 9h30 am. 0.5 = 30 min, 0.25 = 15 min ...

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